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Tartar removal

It is important to realize how tartar arises, we could prevent him. Tartar is far from just an aesthetic problem. The first symptoms are bad breath, plaque on teeth, gums reddened. Tartar is a hard mass that is deposited on the surface of teeth and dentures.

  • tartar removal relieve the gums and removes mouth odor
  • prevention of dental disease
  • tartar removal is gentle and painless

The condition for tartar accumulation the formation of plaque. Tooth is ongoing establishment that should be cleaned with a toothbrush and other aids (interdental brush, thread, etc.). Dental plaque is a microbial highly organized unit, consisting of a large number of bacteria deposited on the tooth and causing subsequent diseases in the oral cavity.

If the tartar has already created, it must be removed. Tartar removal is carried out using ultrasound and hand tools. Tartar do not cause pain, but is the cause of gingivitis which is already causing pain. Removing tartar is gentle and gums and tooth enamel necessary.

The procedure is painless removal.