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Home teeth whitening

Need help with teeth whitening and oral cavity care? Put yourself in the hands of specialists and impress healthy teeth and a bright smile.

  • Professional accurate creation carriers
  • Accurate indication of the cause
  • Checking progress

For a really perfect and effective home teeth whitening must prepare carrier whitening gel. The surgery is performed imprints of your teeth on which models are constructed and made them carriers. When you next visit will be carriers tested in the mouth.

Are then passed to the bleaching gels and their applications presented in the carrier. Another application then performs patient instructions at home. The biggest advantage of this method of teeth whitening is the fact that the treatment plan and progress plans and monitors the dentist.

Home whitening of the hands of experts has many advantages over systems purchased in the supermarket or pharmacy, because we have the opportunity to consult cause discoloration of teeth with a specialist. lack of preventive dental treatment and monitoring may result cause long-term complications that stands the only large finance, but also a lot of time and effort.

Another disadvantage of the entire a commercially available system is of poor quality material that will not allow you make the perfect imprints of the teeth and their subsequent treatment for individual needs. Home whitening of the hands of an expert is effective, painless, vanishing number appears temporary tooth sensitivity in cervical areas. During bleaching should be avoided consumption of colored beverages and foods.