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Dental jewellery

Dental jewellery is special ornaments that can be without consequences attach to healthy teeth. Offer of decorations includes a variety of materials, shapes, sizes (1.5 to 2.5 mm in diameter) and color. If the stone get tired of, it can be without consequences removed or replaced.

  • Decoration of tooth jewellery
  • Simple application without consequences
  • Different colors, forms and sizes

Piece of jewelery is applied using a special glue friendly dental adhesive technique. After selecting a suitable place to tooth surfaces cleaned with polishing paste and eventually makes little roughening. Decoration using adhesives applied to the tooth and illuminate with a UV lamp to ensure rapid solidification of the adhesive. In conclusion, a good clean surroundings excess glue from a client leaves with a new smile.

It is a painless procedure that takes less than 30 min. Jewelry not damage tooth enamel.