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Dental hygiene

Efficient and effective health care oral cavity. Put yourself in the hands of specialists and impress healthy teeth and a bright smile.

  • An important part of preventive dentistry
  • The most effective, but also the cheapest way to care for your teeth
  • It can prevent a wide range of dental complications, including halitosis
  • It also has an educational character in dental care
  • Modern methods and skilled care

It is a very important part of preventive dentistry and also modern way of dental care. Preventive dental hygiene program is paradoxically not only efficient, but also the cheapest way to care for your teeth because dental hygiene can prevent a wide range of complications - caries, gingivitis, periodontitis and other problems whose solution is much more expensive.

herapeutic filling dental hygiene allows regular application reliably prevent periodontal disease and loss of teeth. Firstly, in terms of professional tooth cleaning and gum treatment, removal of coatings, tartar and all deposits and pigmentation, which do not belong mouth, and also finding and removing sources of unpleasant mouth odor.

Hygienist also focus on preventive and educational activities. After the first examination, therefore, the physician informs about the status of the oral cavity, explains what is tartar, inflammation of how these diseases arise and how to treat and prevent them. Teaching proper care of teeth and gums, training techniques, cleaning, removing bad habits and inappropriate tools for cleaning is one of the most effective forms of prevention of dental caries and periodontal disease.

We provide dental care in a modern equipped surgery, professionalism, excellence out performance, their painless and friendly design and perfect information, leading to a perfect condition dentition. Provide care to patients certificated specialists in dental hygiene with experience in the department and appropriate professional experience to ensure the highest quality of out performance, your satisfaction and above all healthy teeth.

Proper dental hygiene and build an individual hygiene program is essential for healthy teeth for a lifetime. In addition, sometimes even healthy teeth only professional removal of pigmentation caused by drinking coffee, cola, tea or smoking causes happier and brighter smile!