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Teeth whitening

Medical Institute and our dental clinic in Pilsen is engaged in the professional care of the body and our department is equipped with top technology brands Revodent - cold blue light. We offer the most advanced teeth whitening cold blue light. It is a safe, friendly and popular method of our clients. The result is whitening teeth sparkly white smile that will last several years. Using technology teeth whitening harm enamel or tooth structure.

Beautifully white teeth will last through laser technology teeth whitening cold blue light up to 1 year. You can whiten your teeth by 2-8 shades. For extremely sensitive teeth, use dental tape application to relieve tooth sensitivity. If you have tartar from the front teeth, we recommend you before whitening procedures to remove tartar.

Warning: This treatment is not suitable for clients with extremely sensitive teeth and for people who have front teeth veneers, crowns or fillings.

What are the benefits of laser teeth whitening?

  • This method does not damage the teeth or the enamel
  • White teeth will last up to 1 year
  • This is the most efficient technique for teeth whitening
  • It is the most gentle whitening technique
  • Average will whiten teeth by 2-8 tones
  • Affordable price
  • During teeth whitening gums are covered with a special blue resin.