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Air Flow

To have beautiful teeth without bearings and dark spots? Confident Smile Without yellowed and blackened teeth? We all get through gentle sanding procedure of teeth by Air Flow!

  • It does not burden the natural dentition and
  • Removes discoloration of the teeth and interdental spaces
  • Painless and gentle treatment

It is based on a mechanical principle very fine sanding and polishing of teeth. Mild method removes the micro baking soda or glycine driven air stream and water deposits from the smooth visible surface portions of the tooth, unsightly discoloration of teeth holes, grooves and interdental spaces. Special uses spray tip with fine sand which deposits are removed from the surface without damaging the tooth enamel. Your teeth will again smooth and white.

Most of pigment spots are caused by different colored foods and drinks combined with poor oral hygiene. Smoking, drinking coffee and tea, consumption of red wine and colored flavors or even overuse of antibacterial also mouthwashes.

Air Flow is a treatment based on natural, not chemically therefore does not affect your teeth. Air flow is a necessary step before bleaching chemical. The treatment is painless.