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Remove freckles

Safe and painless removal of birthmarks, skin growths, lesions and nevi!

On our body or on the skin there are numerous benign growths, birthmarks or freckles, warts, lesions and nevi. Generally, most of them formed by means benign growth in a cell. Unexpectedly, however, can lead to a sudden change after years of dormancy may lead to cancerous growths. For this reason, it is more than adequate to diagnose and is removed.

  • painless removal
  • without scar formation
  • quick treatment
  • without recovery

Compared to earlier surgical excision predominates today use a specialized laser surgery using a special high efficiency and výkoného laser called. Erbium laser or evaporative. Using pulsed laser beam, which binds primarily in cell water progressively evaporates growths anywhere on the body.

For the patient, this method is extremely soft and gentle. Within seconds after surgery, without significant bleeding and without sewing. Treated area heals itself, thus there is no formation of scars and no need for further checks.

The procedure is painless, treatment of patients describe a slightly burning sensation. Smaller skin lesions can be removed without anesthesia. For larger skin manifestations for the comfort of the client uses a local anesthetic.

Limitations of laser treatment are minimal. The treated area usually heals after 2-3 days, the treated spot creates a small scab, which is in the order of a few weeks completely heal. One week after treatment recommended taking a bath, rather use the shower. One week after treatment do not visit the sauna and operate a sport in which there is perspiration. After therapy is necessary to protect the treated area from the sun. Recommend quality products with high SPF (e.g. 50). It is also possible to use resources with effective soothing ingredients.

The result of treatment after 7 days

Photos from the laser removal birthmarks on the face