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Lip augmentation

Full, seductive and irresistible lips? Symbol of feminine sensuality, beauty and youth. No wonder that many women crave more beautiful lips. Lip augmentation creates a wonderfully natural and full lips - no duck mouth! Additionally, it reduces fine wrinkles around the mouth.

Full and luscious lips are probably the dream of every woman. If you want to have you, there is nothing easier than non-surgical lip augmentation using restorative materials.

  • Absolutely safe
  • High quality filler
  • Long-standing
  • Without scars and without scalpel

Medical Institute offers all 3 modern and most desirable options that contemporary aesthetic medicine offers. It depends on the client and suitability of the selected display at a consultation with a doctor.

One possibility is the application of the gel filler based on hyaluronic acid dermatologist.

Due to the increasing demands of clients coming to the fore another option - PermaLip ™. It is designed exclusively for filling and lip augmentation with the help of a permanent implant of physiological shape with a very natural effect.

A good solution for those who have thin lips or their lips due to aging dwindling is surgical Lip Lifting. When it sparingly surgeon removes a curved piece of skin from under the nose and upper lip raise. The advantage lies in immediate magnification effect.

These simple procedures are performed on an outpatient basis under local anesthesia only, and are not time-consuming. The result is a more pronounced appearance of the lips, the lips are fuller volume and contours nice, exactly according to the individual needs of clients. Thus, from a gentle lip augmentation, to full, sensuous lips.

The advantage of non-surgical lip augmentation is primarily an immediate return to normal activities, not only day-sleep mode. Lips will be the first day slightly swollen, but if you do not mind this fact, there is no need to avoid ordinary life.

Lip augmentation with filling materials is perfectly safe, but it should not be used in patients with inflammatory skin diseases, infections or sores.