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Facial rejuvenation, neck and backs of hands. Effectively removes wrinkles, enlarged pores pulling and reduces acne.

You will achieve mesotherapy skin rejuvenation, face, neck and décolleté. Mesotherapy is non-surgical, minimally invasive medical technology, in which a microinjection applied to the middle layer of skin (dermis) special treatment solutions that contain high concentrations of vitamins, amino acids and coenzymes that are necessary for skin regeneration.

If you need to intensively moisturise the skin or if you want to reach off small wrinkles and uneven, combined with the special regenerating solution additionally with hyaluronic acid, which is a natural basic building block of skin.

Ensures its intense hydration, smoothes and firms the skin relief. Hyaluronic acid with this treatment can also fill a medium-deep wrinkles of the face, throat or neck. Scheme of treatment is usually governed by age and skin condition. The first two applications follow consecutive month, the third is applied for three months.

Pain and recovery

The treatment is normally performed completely without local anesthesia. There is no need even for the most sensitive individuals. It refers to the extent of the treatment and skin type and is very individual. By default, the patient may be incorporated as part of the socio-professional life in two hours after the treatment, or the next day. To maintain the effect, it is advisable to repeat the treatment once a year.


Immediately after the treatment and follow two days after it is necessary to avoid intense sun exposure and use a high SPF 40-100. Other special measures are not necessary, details, contact your doctor or health care provider. Very impressive is the combination of methods mezotrapie and dermatomyositis vaukové diamond dermabrasion, chemical peels or other depth.