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Effective reduction of wrinkles caused by aging, but also mimic wrinkles and treatment of hyperhidrosis. We focus on the natural look the patient after surgery, specialist professional approach and top quality materials.

Mimic wrinkles

To remove facial wrinkles use botulotoxin. This is a simple injection treatment, which consists of weakening activity of mimic muscles. Botulotoxin is a substance which has been successfully used in medicine for many years. The substance is administered directly into muscle which causes wrinkles. This muscle is relaxed temporarily interrupts the neuromuscular impulses and reducing muscle action on the formation of wrinkles. In addition, to prevent further deepening of wrinkles. Effect seen on the second day to two weeks, the result is not permanent, usually repeated surgery within three to six months. Reaplication of this prolonged effect.

Hyperhidrosis treatment

Hyperhidrosis - increased production of sweat is more unpleasant things from many perspectives. Typical locations to solve the armpits, palms and soles of the feet. In the case where are insufficient normal deodorants or antiperspirants, is a very effective solution to application of botulinum toxin with thin needles to problematic areas. This is a simple injection treatment, which consists in preventing the transfer of nerve impulses to the sweat glands, thus prevents the release of sweat.

The procedure is virtually painless, after application leads to significant limitations to the disappearance of the formation of sweat. The effect lasts for 9-12 months or longer, with more applications, the resulting effect is prolonged.